Alabama Soybean and Corn Yield Contests

2013 Yield Contest Winners


Howard Hobbs, Jr was our top producer with 67.2 bu/A from 25.24 acres. The winning entry was a Pioneer 4.8 (94Y80 RR). Grown in Limestone County and planted 23 May in 15-inch rows with a JD 1790 split-row planter at 125,000 seed/A no-tilled into corn stubble. Fertilized with 2 tons/A poultry litter, it had two applications of Roundup @ 24 oz/A, along with Prefix.. Priaxor fungicide and Ammo insecticide were also applied. Dickie added that rain fell perfect.


1 Dee River Ranch Aliceville Pioneer P1745R 177.3631 bushels/acre

A No-Till/Strip-Till Non-Irrigated
1 Michael Dahlke Cullman Seed Consultants SCS 11HQ31 247.8345 bushels/acre          2 Jessie Hobbs Elkmont DEKALB DKC63-87 244.0723 bushels/acre
3 John DeLoach Vincent Pioneer P1184YHR 230.2430 bushels/acre


1 Tate Farms (Pat Brown) Meridianville Pioneer P1184YHR 256.0471 bushels/acre
2 Tate Farms (Mike Tate) Meridianville Pioneer P1184YHR 243.5655 bushels/acre
3 Seth More Aliceville DEKALB DKC66-97 236.9689 bushels/acre

No-Till/Strip-Till Irrigated
1 J Howard Hobbs Elkmont DEKALB DKC62-08 248.9898 bushels/acre
2 Tate Farms (Jeff Tate) Meridianville Pioneer P1184YHR 247.0226 bushels/acre
3 Jesse More Aliceville Pioneer P1745BVT 228.3601 bushels/acre