Alabama's Latest Commodity and Input Prices

These Alabama Companies Buy Grain:

 Company Name


 Phone Number

 AFC- Cherokee Farmers CooperativeCentre 2569273135 
 AFC- Colbert Farmers Cooperative Tuscumbia 2053836462
 AFC- Columbia Columbia 3346968034
 AFC- Florence Florence 2567648441
 AFC- Lawrence County Exchange Moulton 2056372959
 AFC- Limestone Coop Athens 2562325500
 AFC- Rainsville Rainsville 2566382569
 AFC- Stevenson Stevenson 3346282611
 AFC- Browns Uniontown 2563622716
 AFC- Talladega Talladega 2563622716
 AFC- Uniontown Uniontown 3346286726
 Bell, M.B. Jr. Sylvania 2566383666
 Brooks Grain Company Inc Samson 3348987194
 ConAgra Foods, Inc Decatur 2565524744
 FGDILLC- Blakely Island West Des Moines, IA 2514385588
 FGDILLC- Mobile West Des Moines, IA 2514322590
 FGDILLC- Montgomery West Des Moines, IA 3342626051
 Harford Farmers Co-op Hartford 3345882992
 Zorn Brothers Inc. Florala 3348583297
 Alabama Farmers Coop, Inc. Guntersville 2565823121
 Alabama Farmers Coop, Inc. Decatur 2563536843
 Bunge Corp. Decatur 2563092221
 Bunge Corp. Decatur 2563504500
 Cargill Inc. Minneapolis 2565829918
 Dee River Ranch, Inc. Aliceville 2053738248
 Hansen-Mueller Co. Alabaster 4024913385
 Koch Farms of Alabama LLC Montogomery 3342810400
 Perdue Grain and Oilseed LLC Salisbury 4105433105
 Schoular Company Omaha 913381474
 Sunshine Mills, Inc Red Bay 2563569541
 Superior Feed Ingredients LLC Pelham 2056635037
 Tom Soya Grain West Point 6624943754
 Tom Soya Grain Co. Brooksville, MS 
 Trantham Farms, Inc. Alexandria 2568201988
 Whitehead Milling Co., Inc Cottonwood 3346912461

For Crop production planning budgets consider these sources:

The Chicago Board of Trade is a great source for grain and ethanol market information.